“Taiyou No Ie” Cute shoujo manga


Taiyou No Ie ❤❤

I enjoyed every page of this manga ❤  This manga has 50 chapters and is completed.

It has a little bit of drama, slice of life and a lots of love 😉  Beside of kissing this manga is very innocent, this is what makes this manga so cute :$ ! Its not only a good story, the art is also pretty amazing ❤ The main characters are so nice drawn !
Chapters: 50
Status: Complete

Motomiya Mao is a High School student who has “lost a home” after her father gets married again. She starts to live with Nakamura Hiro, 23, who knows Mao since childhood. Since that time Mao spent all her free time with Hiro´s family and after his parents deaths, he´s waiting for the day when his brothers and Mao would once more live together ….

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