Re-kan: real friendship has no limits

The story centers around Hibiki Amami, she’s a girl who has the sixth senth in other words she can see ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in her surroundings.

She inherit her ability from her mother who died giving birth to Hibiki, although Hibiki can see ghost she has never met her mom…

Thanks to this ability Hibiki never had real friends because they were always afraid of the supernatural things that would happen around her, in her first year of high school she hopes the make for the first time real friends other than ghost friends..

Will Hibiki succeed making friends?
Will she ever meet her mom?

Episode: 13
Status: finished
Year: 2015

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This anime has 0 romance WHAT also not bad is ! Although I prefer anime’s in the genre romance this anime was very nice to watch, I have laughed so much and also cried with some episodes! It’s a touching anime that definitely is worth watching

Here below you have a little fragment how Hibiki’s daily school life looks like

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