Love is sometimes difficult to express

giphy.gifThis is a list about stories where 2 people are to shy to confess their love or don’t know their truth feelings (they deny it)!

All these stories are ongoing but are frequently updated or already completed but not translated, these stories you can find on the internet as “raw”.

Interested in completed stories with less than 10 chapters? Click here 

Enjoyyy ❤ !!

Hibi chouchou: Silent girl & Silent Boy (more info)

hibi chouchou1

Takane to hana: What is love? (more info)

takane to hana 2.png

Namaikizakari: Tsundere in love with a younger boy (more info)


Douse Mou Nigerarenai: Bulling = love? (more info)

dous mou 3

Boku no Uchi Ni Oide: Popular guy falls in love with an innocent girl (more info)

Mizutama Honey Boy: So delicate as a flower (more info)



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