Hotaru no mori E: emotional cute lovestory (manga & movie)

hotaru-no-mori-eThis story was 1 of the first animated Japanese movies I saw. After that I saw the movie I found out that this movie was based on a manga story. It’s a very emotional story and I can assure you that the movie is worth watching!

The story goes about a girl named X, as a little girl she went for the summer holidays to her grandparents, they live in the countryside. The forest near her grandparents house is haunted by spirits, that’s what the people of the village say. One day X enters the forest playing around  and she got lost. A nice boy offered his help but with only 1 condition… She wasn’t allowed to touch him.

After that day she kept coming to the forest every day to play & to talk with this boy. She did this for years for every school holiday.

Why can x don’t touch X?
Is he a spirit?
Will x be able to touch him one day?

Do you want to watch this movie? Click on the video here below
Do you want to read the manga? Click here!